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How to download and print your prints files

If you purchased the custom order

πŸ”Ί If you purchased the custom order, your custom print/prints will send to your email within 24 hours after purchase. πŸ”Ί

If you purchased the finished print

Download a PDF 00_#_README.pdf and follow links

Etsy will receive link to your email address. You can also download PDF with links here

Go to You > Purchases and reviews ( and look for the order. To the right of the order, click Download Files. This goes to the Downloads page for all the files attached to your order.

You will download PDF file with links to Google Drive folders. Please follow each link on PDF and download JPG files from Google Drive (no account required).


⚑ If you have not received the link or cannot download the file – write to me, I will send all links to your email.

⚑ Note that you can’t download a digital purchase through the Etsy app at this time. To download a digital file, please sign in to Etsy on your mobile browser or a non-mobile computer. More information here:


Download JPG file / files

Please follow link inside PDF file and download JPG file / files from Google Docs.

After clicking on the download link, you will redirect to the Google Drive folder page where you’ll find JPG files. Click a file to download (Right-click and click Download.) or click “DOWNLOAD ALL” button in the upper right corner of the screen (If you are not logged in to Google).

⚑ Note: You can’t drag a file or folder directly to your desktop. To download multiple files, press Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) while clicking other files.


πŸ‘‰ 01_ISTOWOOD_#_8_5x11_Ratio_Print.jpg for printing 8.5×11 in (letter size)

πŸ‘‰ 02_ISTOWOOD_#_11x14_Ratio_Print.jpg for printing 11″x14″ paper size

πŸ‘‰  03_ISTOWOOD_#_2x3_Ratio_Print.jpg for printing 2:3 ratio sizes: 4″x6″, 6″x9″, 8″x12″, 10″x15″, 12″x18″, 16″x24″, 20″x30″, 24″x36″, 60x90cm

πŸ‘‰ 04_ISTOWOOD_#_3x4_Ratio_Print.jpg for printing 3:4 ratio sizes: 6″x8″, 9″x12″, 12″x16″, 15″x20″, 18″x24″, 30″x40″, 30x40cm

πŸ‘‰ 05_ISTOWOOD_#_4x5_Ratio_Print.jpg for printing 4:5 ratio sizes: 4″x5″, 8″x10″, 16″x20″, 40x50cm

πŸ‘‰ 06_ISTOWOOD_#_IP_Ratio_Print.jpg for printing international paper sizes: 5″x7″, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, 50x70cm

πŸ‘‰ 07_ISTOWOOD_#_SQUARE_Ratio_Print.jpg for printing any square size up to 30″x30″. Ror example: 5″x5″, 8″x8″, 10″x10″, 16″x16″, 20″x20″or 70x70cm

All 7 JPEG files has a high-resolution (300 dots per inch)

We take pride in helping our customers create beautiful prints. If you need any of our prints customizing (color or text changes, where possible), please contact us by Message in our Etsy shop or send email to

I’m happy to create a new print for you!

Print the file / files

Print the file / files using your home printer or send it to your local or online print shop. For the best print quality use regular to heavy (150-250 gsm) white card stock instead of a plain paper.

Online print service:

(i.e. Staples, Kinko’s, Costco, Officeworks in Australia, Boots in the U.K.) etc.

To find places to print in your country, try a Google search including terms such as “Poster Printing”, “Giclee Art Printing”, “Photo Printing” or “Online Digital Printing”.


You can find modern natural oak frame in shops like IKEA, HomeGoods, Target and you can frame it at your home or you can browse these online framing + printing services:

This post goes into more details about printing files (click to read)

πŸ‘‰ IMPORTANT: This listing is for a digital download. No physical product will be shipped and the frame is not included. Colours may vary slightly due to viewing different monitors. This purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, commercial use is prohibited.

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If you are happy with your purchase please leave some positive feedback, if not, please let me know. Either way, I value your comments greatly.

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πŸ‘Œ Please let me know if you have any questions about or need any help with your download. contact us by Message in our Etsy shop or send email to

Thank you, and good luck πŸ‘